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Cream of pumpkin and prawns

Today I bring you another recipe with pumpkin that is great to prepare as a starter at Christmas: Cream of pumpkin and prawns prepared with Mycook. This cream can be served as the photo I uploaded, in glasses and with the ornament of the prawn on the edge of it, or traditionally, on a soup plate or bowl. Be that as it may, this cream is delicious, with the taste of pumpkin and prawns, which give it a special touch. Do I encourage you to prepare her for this Christmas we have on top of us!

Cream of pumpkin and prawns
Do you want a comforting cream of pumpkin and prawns prepared easily with Mycook? This cream is great to prepare at Christmas as a starter or first course and is delicious.

Crema de calabaza y langostinos con Mycook

Cooking: Spanish
Type of recipe: Creams
Time Preparation:
Cooking time:
Total time:
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 50 g extra virgin olive oil
  • 25 gr brandy
  • 150 g leek
  • 500 g of squash in pieces
  • 400 g of prawns
  • 500 g of water to prepare 500 g of fumet or broth instead
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Parsley for decorating
  1. First we heat the olive oil for 1 minute,120 degrees, speed 1
  2. Then we pour the garlic clove into the glass and schedule 1 minutes, 120ºC, speed 1.
  3. Then add the leek and sauté 6 minutes, 120ºC speed 1.
  4. Then we add the pumpkin and schedule 10 minutes, 120ºC at speed 1.
  5. Meanwhile, we peel the prawns and separate the bodies on one hand and the heads and furs on the other. In a frying pan we pour a drizzle of oil and pour the shrimp shells and fry them.
  6. When they are orange, pour the brandy and let it evaporate.Now pour 2 glasses of water and cook about 10 minutes.
  7. Finally add 500 ml of this strained broth to our cream and schedule 8 minutes, 120ºC, speed 2. Finish time check the salt point and then grind with 3 touches of turbo.
  8. To finish, sofry the peeled prawns with oil and throw the tip of a teaspoon of paprika. If you like a spicy touch, you can also have a little (very little) of chilli, and sautter. Once golden, throw them over the cream, keeping a few to decorate. Assemble your glasses with the cream and decorate with parsley leaves and prawns.

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