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Eggplant compote

Compota de berenjena

The harvest is over and it’s a shame because like what the garden of the house gives there is nothing. This year we have had many eggplants and although it seems that they are always used in the same way, they are very versatile and we can enjoy them in a thousand and one recipes.
Today I propose to make Compote from eggplants, surprises its taste. With 3 ingredients and in 30 minutes , simpler can not be.
You can make several jars and keep them in the bain-marie, so you have supplies in your pantry. With these quantities comes out a jar of jam.

Eggplant Compote Eggplant
Compote ideal for an appetizer or to accompany meats.

Compota de berenjena

Cuisine: Spanish
Type of recipe: Jams
Rations: 8
Preparation time:
Cooking time:
Total time:
  • 500 gr eggplants
  • 150 gr brown sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  1. Very well wash eggplants and chop.
  2. Put in the jar diced eggplants, brown sugar and salt. Schedule 30 minutes at 100 speed 2.
  3. Put in a glass jar and when cool store in the fridge.
If you like spicy we can add to the recipe a little dried chilli powder, it will enhance the taste of the compote a little more.
This recipe is perfect to accompany cheeses of all kinds, both soft and cured.
It also serves to accompany lamb meat, quail…
A very rich way to use it is as a corissant filling.
For you to calculate at the time of purchase 500 gr of eggplants are more or minus two of average size.
As it does not carry a lot of sugar is not preserved many days, so if you want to enjoy it for longer I recommend that vacuum packaging.

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