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Fast Asturian Fabada

fabada asturiana rápida

Making a traditional Asturian fabada takes time, but thanks to our Mycook and To cooked beans we can prepare a rich Asturian fabada fast in less than half an hour.

This traditional Asturian dish requires, in addition to a good fabes , a good companion, that is sausage, sausage and Asturian bacon to achieve a taste of the most original. You can find the Asturian compango in supermarkets, they usually sell it in pack, but you can also find the chorizos and the asturian sausages individually.

If you do not find the Asturian compango and have craving fabada, you can replace it with chorizo or black pudding not Asturian, it will not have the same flavor, but it will turn out a stews of beans rich and tasty.

Fast Asturian Fabada
Enjoy the authentic Asturian flavor by preparing this fabada with your Mycook.

Cuisine: Spanish
Type of recipe: Soups
Rations: 2-3
Preparation time: Cooking time:
25 m

Total time:
  • 400 gr. cooked bean beans
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 80 gr. onion
  • 30 gr. olive oil
  • 1 sheet laurel
  • 80 gr. asturian chorizo
  • 80 gr. asturian black pudding
  • 50 gr. asturian bacon
  • 300 gr. water
  • ½ tablet beef broth
  • ½ teaspoon sweet paprika


  1. oil into the jar and heat for 1 minute, temperature 120ºC, speed 2.
  2. Add the onion to pieces, garlic, paprika and salt. Schedule 5 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 1-S.
  3. Place the mixing paddle on the blades.
  4. Enter water, broth tablet, 40 grams of beans, bay leaf, sausage, black pudding, bacon and cook for 15 minutes at 120ºC, speed 2.
  5. Finally incorporate the drained cooked beans and schedule 3 minutes more, temperature 100ºC, speed 2.
It is convenient to insert the black pudding and chorizo whole into the jar and break them into pieces once the cooking is finished, in this way we prevent them from falling apart during cooking.

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