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Great recipes for Christmas

Recetas estupendas para Navidad

Today I publish recipes for Christmas that I uploaded in years prior to the web. There are ideas to make it simple and easy with Mycook starters, appetizers, desserts and other great Christmas recipes.

All of them are easy to make, and almost all you can prepare them in advance, so that it will allow you time to prepare the main dishes, oven dishes etc.

If you want to leave your guests with your mouth open, I encourage you to make them at home with the help of Mycook!

Vases of avocado, salmon and prawnsTo start an appetizer based on prawns, salmon and avocado presented in glasses. This appetizer can be prepared in advance, allowing you to have free time for other, more laborious dishes.

Minis tatin de foie This recipe for minis tatins de foie is delicious, as it mixes the flavors of foei and goat cheese. It is also great as a starter for your Christmas dinners, and you can make it in advance.

Profiteroles stuffed with salmon mousse: Another great recipe for appetizer that is sure to be a hit on your table this Christmas. The taste of the homemade profiteroles dough with the filling of salmon mousse is a real delight for the most demanding palate. You can prepare a little more dough and make a dessert based on these profiteroles, fill them with cream and bathe them with chocolate.

Salt shrimps : These salted shrimps made with the help of the steam tray have nothing to envy the cooked in a traditional way, and also thanks to steaming, they keep all their flavor and nutrients.

Pumpkin Cream, Coconut Milk and Curry: This pumpkin cream has a special touch of coconut milk and curry, which harmonizes the exotic taste of curry with the sweetness of pumpkin. It is a great first course for this special Christmas: a comforting and delicious cream for the whole family.

Pork tenderloin with goat cheese and candied onion:This appetizer can be taken hot or cold, you can also prepare it in advance and is delicious. It joins the taste of a rich sirloin, with caramelized onions, cheese and red pepper: a delight!

Cups of lime and cheese:And we turn to desserts: these cups of lime and cheese are dead. They are also very easy to elaborate, and they are very eye-catching presented in glasses.

Brownies de Noel These brownies are an ideal dessert and look very eye-catching. You can accompany them with a ball of ice cream and the whole flavor will be wonderful!!

Pumpkin and walnut bundt cake And as a final colophon, this bundt cake to drink with coffee when the Christmas meals are lengthened or to have as a delicious dessert.

I hope I gave you ideas for Christmas and you like them. I will continue to upload new recipes, not previously published, so you have a choice. And since this Christmas are special, they better than a good lunch or dinner with the family, to celebrate that we are together!

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