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Light zucchini bechamel

bechamel ligera de calabacín

This recipe for light zucchini bechamel comes perfect for these dates, to alternate the days of comilonas with lighter menus or for those times when we want to reduce the calories of our dishes. It is a very simple recipe with which we get a sauce that can replace bechamel in recipes that have gratin like cannelloni or lasagna.

I used it this last time to cover some cannelloni of cooked meat and at home they didn’t even know… either they were very hungry or really the recipe works. So I advise you to try yourself to prepare it.

Light zucchini Bechamel
Try to prepare your dishes gratin with this sauce and make them lighter.

Recipe type: Sauces
Rations: 2-3
Preparation time:
Cooking time:
  • 20 gr. olive oil
  • 50 gr. onion
  • 300 gr. zucchini without skin
  • 90 gr. milk
  • 2 quesitos
  • Salt

  • pepper
  • nutmeg
  1. Pour the oil into the jar and heat for 1 minute, temperature 120ºC, speed 2.
  2. Enter the chopped onion and zucchini and cook 7 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 1-S.
  3. Add milk, cheese and salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Schedule 12 minutes, temperature 100ºC, speed 2 without the dosing cap so that liquids evaporate.
  4. Finally grind everything for about 1 minute at speed 5 until the sauce is homogeneous.

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