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Pasta with salmon and mushrooms

This recipe for pasta with salmon and mushrooms remains delicious and it is very easy to prepare with our Mycook. Salmon is a bluefish with a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial for our heart and arteries.

At home we like to eat salmon in many ways, but above all baked, stewed in marmitako or accompanying a good pasta dish as is this case. The main thing when cooking it is not done too much, so that it does not stay dry and also maintain its healthy properties, so you will see that in this recipe is added at the end of the recipe and only cook a couple of minutes, it does not need more to be cut into dices.

Pasta with salmon and mushrooms
Delicious combination salmon and mushrooms to accompany any type of pasta.

Recipe type: Pasta
Rations: 3
Preparation time:
Cooking time:
  • 240 gr. pasta
  • 250 gr. clean salmon without skin or thorns
  • 100 gr. chives
  • 200 gr. cream (or evaporated milk if you want the recipe to be lighter
  • )

  • 250 gr. assorted mushrooms
  • 30 gr. olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 teaspoon dill
  • Water
  • Preparation
    1. Put the pasta to cook in a casserole with plenty of salted water.
    2. While the pasta is cooked prepare the sauce in the Mycook. Pour the oil into the jar and heat for 1 minute, at temperature 120ºC, speed 2.
    3. Add the chives in large pieces and cook 3 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 1-S.
    4. Place the mixing paddle on the blades.
    5. Enter the chopped mushrooms and schedule 4 more minutes at temperature 110ºC, speed 2.
    6. Add the diced salmon and salpimentado to taste. Mix 30 seconds at speed 110ºC, speed 2.
    7. Finally pour the cream or evaporated milk and schedule 2 minutes, temperature 110ºC, speed 2.
    8. Pour over cooked and drained pasta and serve immediately.

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