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Quince candy

Dulce de membrilloQuince sweet, rich not delicious and especially if it is accompanying a piece of cheese although it can also be used to make biscuits, ali oli, yogurt… With the recipe of all my life that gave me a parienta of Verín but adapted to mycook, much easier to do and especially staining less. Two ingredients and patience, you will not need anything else. Although it seems heavy to have to leave all night macerating the mixture so we avoid adding the lemon (used to thicken). Try this new way to prepare it and you will love it.

Sweet quince
Sweet quince, rich, spectacular snack accompanying a piece of cheese.

Cuisine: Spanish
Type of recipe: Snack
Rations: 8-10
Preparation time:
Cooking time:
Total time:
  • 500 gr of quince (is the weight once cleaned and chopped)
  • 400 gr of white sugar
  1. The first and most important thing is to clean the quinces very well by completely removing the fluff they have, which is not small in some case.
  2. Cut with the skin (remove stains or bumps) and throw into a large bowl.
  3. Add sugar and leave to macerate overnight.
  4. The next morning put everything in the jar and grind for 1 minute at speed 5.
  5. Lower the remnants of the walls with the spatula and schedule 25 minutes at 100° speed 4.
  6. At the end schedule another 15 minutes at 100° speed 5 removing the measuring cup and placing the basket in place to avoid splashing.
  7. Take out a bowl, tupper or where you want to keep it.
  8. Leave a whole day uncovered in case you sweat and after 24 hours cover and store.
By letting it macerate all night the quince looses its juices and curds without adding the lemon.
Give it a couple of turns before bedtime so that it blends everything well.
I use a brush from the rubbing nails to remove the lint because if you use a scouring pad the skin can be damaged.

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