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Rabbit with peppers

conejo con pimientos

If you like rabbit you have to try this rich rabbit recipe with peppers. It is a healthy, simple and tasty recipe that accompanied by a little rice, potatoes or a salad solves the food.

Rabbit meat is low in fat, provides low calories and is rich in vitamin B12, B6 and B3. It is also a meat with easy digestibility and is very versatile when cooking.

If I have to stick a stick to the rabbit, it’s his bones, which are very brittle and if you buy it sliced it is easy to find a piece of bone splinter while you’re tasting your food. That’s why I prefer to buy it whole and cut it at home by the joint area, so as not to make chips.

Rabbit with peppers
This rabbit in sauce accompanied by peppers is perfect not to stop wet bread.

conejo con pimientos

Recipe Type: Meat
Rations: 3
Preparation Time:
Time cooked:
Total time:
  • 30 gr. Olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 700 gr. chopped rabbit
  • 250 gr. red and green pepper
  • 150 gr. onion
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 80 gr. fried tomato
  • 100 gr. vegetable broth
  • 50 gr. white wine
  • salt


  1. Pour the oil and garlic clove into the jar and schedule 2 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 2.
  2. Add the onion into pieces and cook 5 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 1-S.
  3. Place the mixing paddle on the blades.
  4. Then add the springy rabbit pieces to taste. Saute 6 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 2.
  5. Add the sliced peppers and thyme. Schedule 10 minutes, temperature 120ºC at speed 2.
  6. Add the wine and schedule 2 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 2without the dosing stopper so that the alcohol evaporates.
  7. Finally add the fried tomato and broth and cook 15 minutes, temperature 120ºC, speed 2.

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