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Raspberries syrup

Jarabe de frambuesas

Today we will prepare syrup from raspberries already taking advantage of the last ones there are at home. Well ripe and with a very intense taste. The first thing we need to know is that to make a rich homemade syrup you should preferably use natural raspberries although, if there is not why it is no longer season, you can also use frozen but the taste will not be so intense .

If you want to enjoy a rich and healthy dessert, this raspberry syrup can be the perfect companion andgive the final sweet touchto a dessert in addition to providing all the properties of this exquisite fruit. Easy to make and very natural, unlike many other types of syrups that can be found on the market. It can be prepared quickly in the kitchen of your house, it is very economical as well as perfect to take advantage of the ripe fruit.

syrup Raspberry syrup Perfect companion of pancakes, ice cream, biscuits…

Cuisine: Spanish
Type of recipe: Accompanying
  • 300 gr of homemade raspberries
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 80 gr of water
  1. The first thing will be to wash and dry very well raspberries that even if they are homemade always have some dust or dirt.
  2. Put all the ingredients into the jar and schedule 10 minutes at 100 º speed 2, during the first 5 minutes we will have to put on the stopper and the last 5 minutes remove the stopper and put the basket inside out to avoid splashing.
  3. When you finish schedule another 5 minutes at 120° speed 2 and so it will thicken a little bit further.
  4. Strain the contents of the jar, the resulting liquid is syrup.
  5. Pour in a bottle or jar (that is at your choice) and let warm at room temperature.
  6. Then store in the fridge although it can also be frozen.
This rich syrup can be used in the decoration of cakes and biscuits, to make smoothies or yogurts, to put on ice cream, to sprinkle some pancakes, ice cream cakes or ice cream… even as a dressing of fruit salads and if you like me sweet and sour flavors you can taste it on something salty like for example some toast with foie.
You can make this same recipe with any other type of sweetener so that diabetics can enjoy it.
If you do strawberry, when you strain the syrup reserve the pulp as you can use it as if it were jam on a toast of bread.

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